This early trend seems poised to establish the new “it” color across many product categories. Orange and Lime Green have long faded, Silver is toast; this sky-blue echoes the modern need for a color that’s restful and inviting, but also fresh and current. Currently it is emerging heavily in the Furniture, Housewares, Fashion Accessories, and Interiors categories.  Not meant for just an accent, this trend is most powerful when the color is fully enveloping the product, as if the entire object was dipped in a vat of paint. Just don’t dip the parakeets.

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5 Comments to “AQUA-BLUE DIPPED”

  1. Jenni Li says:

    Love this aqua blue post do you think this will replace orange as the go to design color? Is there a pantone for this color?

    • AWOLtrends says:

      This light blue definitely could replace orange…in fact check back again soon in our Declining Trends section…As far as the pantone # goes, as you can see there is some variation in the exact color spec with these examples, with some going slightly darker/less saturated, and some going lighter/more saturated. We’ll work on getting an exact PMS spec that we feel averages all these variations out…
      -AWOL Trends

  2. cormac says:

    Is this trend unique to this range of blues or is it part of a larger “monochrome” trend along the lines of Urban Ears Headphones and The Nixon Rubber Player watches?

    • AWOLtrends says:

      Color-dipping products is part of a larger trend (which we’ll be adding soon). This is a specific subset that deals with this new aqua color. Think of it as the new Orange…
      -AWOL Trends

  3. Alexis says:

    The vibrancy and freshness of this yellow-side blue {save for the Hideshi House pic} is very uplifting. On its face, it could have been stereotyped to children’s toy applications but once applied to electronics and home furnishings, it offers the right amount of personality to otherwise staid or traditional looking products. Seems to pair perfectly with white.

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