Black and White are classic, fundamental colors. Different hues may come and go, but these two can always be counted on to bring both freshness and familiarity to a design. In this context, the two colors are set upon each other with maximum contrast, achieving a kind of yin-yang effect. The interplay between them defines each region of color, and despite their contrast they achieve a kind of visual harmony. When pursuing this method,  consider restricting the color palette to  just these two colors, as opposed to inserting tertiary accent colors. This trend is generally associated with premium or luxury products, or more modern design-forward statements. Also, in many Western countries such as the US, Black and White are seen regularly as the colors of authority: from traffic markings and signage, to law enforcement vehicles. This color combination of maximum contrast emphasizes the fact that when it comes to the law, there are no gray areas.

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  1. cormac says:

    This trend is very dramatic. Applying it without evoking penguin or tuxedo imagery can sometimes prove challenging.