We’ve posted several trends about the interplay between the digital and physical worlds. One aspect of the digital aesthetic that has emerged, coinciding with a broader revisiting of 1980’s design cues, is the Vector Line. Originally, this element was introduced via early 1980’s (even late 1970’s) arcade graphics: Asteroids, Tempest, Battlezone, Qix (our favorite) and the holy grail of vector-based games: Star Wars. This theme became a major graphic element in non-digital categories at the time as well. But with the evolution of more advanced graphics, the Vector Line quickly faded despite the strong visual identity it conveyed. Flash forward 30 years, and the 1980’s are back in force. Along with Day-Glo, skinny jeans, and 8-bit style, Vector Lines have shown a resurgence as well. This time around, they both pay homage to their original use as a method of graphic representation, as well as explore new modern aesthetic territory in completely new categories (Fashion, Furniture, Interiors, etc.). Designers at Nike are employing this trend in conjunction with their new ultra-light structural technique called Flywire. Here the individual lines cross at oblique angles, forming a dynamic lattice-like matrix of structural woven fibers. Marc Newson’s G-Star Raw line explores classic vector patterns with bold modern iconography and color. While probably not appropriate for every product category or market, Vector Lines can convey a nod to digital heritage, a fresh and bold graphic motif, and possibly a subliminal urge to burn a few quarters at the local arcade. Also check out two related trends: Techno Line and Pixelmania.

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  1. Jester J says:

    I love this look. Seems like its coming from a couple different points of inspiration: 80s asteroids style and the Nike micro thread stuff, funny how they can kind of end up in the same place from two vary different starting points!

    • AWOLtrends says:

      Yes, it does seem to have arrived from a few different sources as you pointed out. Even saw this recently on Season 10 Project Runway!
      -AWOL Trends

  2. GOMEZ says:

    that chick is hot.

  3. lEo says:

    Bitte ins Deutsche übersetzen!!
    Wäre echt super , danke,



    • AWOLtrends says:

      Did you try the translate buttons on the front page? German should be there.
      -AWOL Trends