In keeping with this category’s theme of mashing disparate concepts together, here we see stylistic motifs from two distinctly different visual eras juxtaposed together. This method first appeared at the Milan furniture fair in the mid 2000’s. The most common combination so far has been more Baroque/Victorian themes with modern minimal forms. The result is an amazing combination of sophisticated, opulent tradition with modern cleanliness and simplicity. It is a powerful way to both break through and pay homage to past aesthetic themes. Do other combinations exist? Well there have been a lot of cultures living on this planet over the last 10,000 years making stuff…Anyone willing to try Greco-Disco?

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4 Comments to “ERA CLASH”

  1. Nina says:

    I love this! Vintage and contemporary living happily together.

    • howard says:

      I too, love this trend. the interior design of the X-Men First Class submarine is another great example of this awesome design trend.

  2. Glen says:

    Totally captures a niche movement of design expression. I wonder aesthetic will make a cross over from art to mainstream design trends…

  3. Erhan says:

    Could this be also reinterpretation of the old eras? Or, is it to use the new beside the old one directly? If not, is that ‘a new design interpreted in a way that evokes the old’ can be categorized?