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The Translation trends involve passing a set of aesthetic values from one established domain through the lens of the modern, real world. This can include taking themes common to the digital/virtual world and manifesting them in physical reality, or translating visual motifs from historical eras and translating them into our modern aesthetic language. Whatever the source material, the goal is to take an aesthetic that is sequestered through time or technology, and embody it in a modern context.


In Fashion, style is mostly cyclical (with repeating themes currently on a 25-year cycle). In other design categories, however, the wavelength has been a bit longer. Roughly 150 years ago, some clever folk called the Victorians set about changing the world with their Industrial Revolution and, among other things, their...

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When the digital age truly arrived in the mid-90’s, digital UI designers worldwide were challenged to envision the aesthetic of this new medium. Not surprisingly (and very cleverly), they drew upon metaphors familiar in the real world: folders, arrows, hands, buttons, drop-shadows, transparencies. These intuitive cues helped users make the...

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