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As designers, we’re always looking for a strong first-read stylistic element that will attract the target user’s immediate visual attention. In the last few years, a trend has emerged that exclusively uses a single color to create this aesthetic hook. Very simply, Color Dipping involves (sometimes literally) dipping a complete...

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There are only so many colors in the world. Despite Pantone’s claims to “invent” new colors, many of today’s designers are obsessing less about which exact PMS to specify, and more about how transparent it should be. Chromatic Gels is a trend that is finding traction from Architecture to Furniture:...

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In keeping with the Reinterpretation theme, Color Reinterpretation maintains all design elements of the original icon, but alters the color in new and striking ways. Andy Warhol’s Marilyn prints illustrate this effect perfectly: taking the widely and immediately recognized icon of Marilyn’s face, and layering on a cascade of vibrant...

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