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Many have said that Design is communication. Typically designers are trying to express elements of a brand’s values, or communicate a device’s functionality or proper method of use, or weave a narrative about the relevance of the object in a person’s life. Sometimes, “because it looks cool” is as deep...

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We’ve posted several trends about the interplay between the digital and physical worlds. One aspect of the digital aesthetic that has emerged, coinciding with a broader revisiting of 1980’s design cues, is the Vector Line. Originally, this element was introduced via early 1980’s (even late 1970’s) arcade graphics: Asteroids, Tempest,...

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Technology is increasingly becoming a visual motif in our lives. Just as the ancients adorned their objects with natural images of their surrounding environment, we are seeing visual representations of the digital age become ornamentations. In every product category, the most readily recognizable embodiment of this is the flowing, jogging,...

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