Vacuum forming has long been a favorite design medium: there is an element of mystery as the inner object pushes through a plane of material, resulting in an interplay between the underlying form and the overlying plane. Typically this production method has been reserved for large, simple plastic enclosures such as luggage shells, tubs and showers, and packaging inserts. However,  this technique has surfaced recently across several categories as a viable form trend, even though vacuum forming may not be actually used, but rather inspiring the design. In its best examples, some aspect of the original sheet is left un-formed (a flat expanse or a trimmed edge), while the formed inner shape blends in with the surface via generous radii. The resulting forms are light, fresh, simple, and honest. Fine surface detail is usually not associated with this trend, as large radii and broad surfaces are preferred to highlight the forming effect. The Fashion category has yet to embrace this trend…vacuum formed lingerie anyone?

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