Technology is increasingly becoming a visual motif in our lives. Just as the ancients adorned their objects with natural images of their surrounding environment, we are seeing visual representations of the digital age become ornamentations. In every product category, the most readily recognizable embodiment of this is the flowing, jogging, angular Techno Line: a direct descendant from the angular metallic leads that occur in electronic circuitry. Techno Line originally started in the 19080’s, coinciding with the onset of digital technology in our everyday lives, and quickly started showing up in the Graphics, Product, Automotive, Fashion, and Architecture categories. This stylistic theme has shown a resurgence in the 2000’s as the promise of digital technology is finally starting to really become ubiquitous. It is important that this line flow with broad radii from one section to the next, instead of being sharp and jagged with tight corners. Pairing it with a strong accent color also helps accentuate this graphic element. Or treat it as a surface sculpting break such as a flowing chamfer. There is a tendency for this element to be associated with the Tron aesthetic, so watch out programsā€¦

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