We designers have powerful tools at our disposal. We can quickly call upon 2D, 3D, physical, and virtual methods to re-envision the world around us in very convincing and compelling ways. Sometimes that energy is channeled not into developing design concepts, but rather to illustrate societal issues in new ways. Whether compelling users to abandon smoking, making a visual statement about obesity or cancer, or simply holding up a mirror to our consumptive ways, some designers have become active participants in the global conversation. In these cases, the designer blurs the traditional boundaries of the designer as a tool-maker, instead becoming an influencer of societal behavior. Can these explorations cross the line from singular provocations to actual consumer products? Looking at that fat David, I hope not…

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  1. Antonio.V says:

    GROSS! How can somone do this to our David? But thank you for showing how this fits into a bigger picture of changing societys ways!

  2. siegfred dabon says:

    This are intersting!! this will not keep us to have a boring moments in our daily lives..