Dramatic shifts in the interplay between brands and their target customers have driven some interesting methods of pushing a brand’s message into the world. As customers abandon old channels of media consumption, savvy marketers must fight to gain brand exposure wherever there is even a fleeting chance of potential exposure. Building off Guerilla Marketing techniques, Guerilla Branding seeks to imbue the basic landscape around us with branded messages. Generic items of infrastructure from benches to mass-transit become opportunities to provide a brief but intimate palette for branding. This technique will be most effective when the implementation is clever, unexpected, and humorous. Simply slapping a logo sticker on the back of a park bench is more Gorilla than Guerilla. Also: nothing will turn potential customers more quickly than a heavy-handed approach that interferes with their daily routine, creates stress, or impedes traffic.

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  1. Kai Lim says:

    I would be very embarassed if I had branding marks on my legs. whats next a hot branding iron like cattle? But, great site Awol! Theres nothing like this out there.

  2. Create looking site and absorbing content, worthwhile and genuine. One I’ll definitely bookmark.

  3. Alan says:

    @AWOLtrends, I’m sending this site out to every product designer I know. You do a great job of concisely capturing the trends we are influenced by and need to talk about every day.

    • AWOLtrends says:

      We appreciate your help spreading the word about this resource to the broader design community.
      Thanks Alan!
      -AWOL Trends