Many industries have relied on forms constructed of rigid angular geometries for ages. From bicycles to bridges, designers and architects know the value of the inherent strength and economy of resources that characterize this method. In recent years, designers in many other categories have adopted Angular Frameworks in fresh and inspiring ways, moving beyond the purely structural into new aesthetic interpretations of the theme. Now designers in eyewear, lighting, furniture, and fashion are celebrating these unique geometric structures. Many explore ways to inject inspiration from nature (see Naturalism) into these forms to bring a sense of chaos or flowing, rounded intersections between structural members. Some juxtapose these frameworks with more massive solid forms to create a sense of balance between lightness and mass, and others highlight the framework structure with bright accent colors to accentuate the structure (also a technique used in Wireforms). The Automotive design category has shown particular fondness for this theme as a graphic element on exterior front-end design, using a network of structures to define the intakes, headlights, and other front-facing elements. Whether used as a true structural element, or just a surface graphic, Angular Frameworks generally celebrate two particular forms: the triangle and the trapezoid. The acute angles generated by these shapes are critical for this aesthetic: no rational shapes like squares or circles please. In the Lovegrove light example, even the ovular shapes can be thought of as heavily filleted trapezoids. Is this a sign that Knex are inspiring just as many budding designers as Legos?

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  1. Eric Solis says:

    How can I contact you? I have always wanted to be an Automotive Designer and just do not have the right tools to better my self. just so you know, the picture of the car ( looks alot like a car design that I Drew on a painting book, I like how the paper was easyer to erase and correct, that paint book was stolen approximetly 2 1/2years ago, never recovered. All I want to do is design cars ,car parts or any thing really. please get back to me when you have time. Thank you

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