The world’s first open-source design trend database, made by designers for designers. Brought to you by AWOL Company, this free site is a database of our curated design trends that we’ve been tracking for several years, looking at viable aesthetic trends across all design disciplines. Pull down the TRENDS tab to navigate through our database, click the ABOUT tab to learn more about the site, or visit ARTICLES to learn more about our perspectives on design. To submit your own trend ideas, go to SUBMIT. Enjoy!

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14 Comments to “WELCOME TO AWOL TRENDS!”

  1. Deeziner GWEN says:

    Love this site! I’m a furniture/fashion designer, and have always been looking for something like this. how often are you updating? Keep it up plase!

    • AWOLtrends says:

      Hi Gwen-
      Thanks for letting us know! Inspiring designers like you is exactly why we’re here. We’re releasing new trend posts from our database every few days, so follow us on Twitter @AWOLcompany to receive our alerts.
      -AWOL Trends

  2. aGk says:

    Great site!!!
    It’s a perfect resource for young designers starting off their career!!
    Will you be updating the trend categories with current and upcoming images??

    • AWOLtrends says:

      Yes, not only will we be adding new trends weekly, but we’ll continue to update existing trends with imagery as we find it, or as you send them in!
      -AWOL Trends

  3. cg says:

    great idea! i love it.

  4. DAN C says:

    How do you fund yourselves? And can we get our clients to donate part of their fees???

    • AWOLtrends says:

      Donations are always welcome.
      AWOL Trends is a free resource offered by AWOL Company, a California-based strategic design consultancy, and is funded through our main client-based design project work. This database represents years of internal trend curation that we’ve chosen to share with the design community, simply because there was no other resource like it available.
      -AWOL Trends

  5. I’ve been very inspired by the awoltrends site. It’s helping me to understand aesthetics in a new way. I’m excited to see the additional trends as they are released. Thanks for providing such a great resource Andy.

  6. Geoffrey O says:

    This is such a great site, endless inspiration thank you!

  7. Ken H says:

    Such an awesome and insightful site! This will definitely help in my design process for all future projects. Thank you!

  8. Bronwynn MacElroy says:

    Such a great website for creative inspiration!! I have been always looking for something like this. Amongst the others that aren’t really insightful, or current or useful (or just boring), Awol trends glitters like a jewel. Please keep it up!

  9. misha joshi says:

    Its an awesome site.
    Im pursuing product design from symbiosis and was looking was something like this since months. Finally,i found this and it mostly answered all my questions.Its a perfect compilation of aesthetics & trend study.thanks!!

    • AWOLtrends says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Misha. We’re excited that designers like you are finding the site to be a useful tool in the creative process. Keep checking back for the latest updates!
      -AWOL Trends